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As developed various kind of software but mainly develop accounting softwares. Its Badshah system take care of all billing requirements and its powerful inventory management can work with any kind and range of products. Badshah so can be used by stores of a very wide variety, including :

  • Department Stores & Electronics
  • Jewellary shops
  • Garment Mfg. & Suppliers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Footwear Shops
  • Steel & Iron
  • Hardware & Plywood
  • Medical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Photo & Color Labs
  • Book Stores
  • Bar Code Supplier
  • Vehicle Job Work
  • Finance
  • Schools
  • Payroll
  • Shares
  • Gas Agency
  • Battery Suppliers
  • Stationery Manufacturing & Suppliers
  • Excise Duty

"BADSHAH software offers all the functionality that is essential in a modern retail environment for point of sale billing."

Billing (Design & Printing)

BADSHAH software allows billing with just a few keystrokes with or without a mouse and can take any load of billing effortlessly. The screen itself is customizable to suit varied requirements. We design your own templates for printing of bills. These may include such contents and layout as you wish and also logos, picture, text border, lines, boxes etc. Bill can be printed on all kinds of paper and use various type of printer.


BADSHAH software can manage promotional schemes of all kinds: based on date and time, customer, multiple discounts, slab discounts based on quantity.

Great Features

  • Shortcut key
  • Bill cancellation, hold and refresh
  • Support for void item and transaction
  • Bill cancellation, hold and refresh
  • Support for void item and transaction
  • Quick find of item and customer
  • Salesman tracking
  • Session, day opening and closing
  • Multitasking and multithreading

Customer Loyalty Program

BADSHAH software offer very tight security ensuring complete integrity of the data and allow you to implement tight internal control and checks. Create unlimited number of users and groups of user, give or deny each of them specific right in the software, a unique password which can expire at a preset time.

Great report

BADSHAH software offers a large number of report to give you a deep insight into your business. These include daily and monthly sales; user and customer –wise sales; product-wise, item- wise and category wise stock hand , location- wise stock; customer analysis; vendor – wise and product –wise comparisons and margins; top customer listing , top item listing and many more:

  • Cash deposited, handovers
  • Exchanges and returns
  • Display of on hand qualities
  • Full view of any product
  • Discount by customer, amount/ percentage or on specific products, bills
  • Export of data and report
  • Support for hardware

Great Accounting Management System

BADSHAH Software comes integrated with software financial accounting & Inventory system, the finest accounting software available today. Badshah financial accounting & inventory system offer first class and comprehensive set of feature which can take care of all your accounting requirements. Badshah software works seamlessly integrated with accounting so that all data merges automatically with accounting data to offer you instant and automatic accounting. This is first financial accounting software whose work on Visual FoxPro because Visual FoxPro maintains own database.

BSS accounting gives you all that you will need for efficient financial accounting:

  • Maintain all book and records including lager, sales, purchases, cash, bank books, journals etc.
  • Manage all kind of taxes including tax, excise, VAT, TDS
  • Help with bank reconciliation, reminder letters
  • Complete sales and purchases, order management including tracking and analysis of order in all manners
  • Complete management of account receivable and payable including ageing, overview, bill wise, reminder letters etc.
  • Advanced accounting system
  • Account management system support multithreading and multitasking process.
  • Extensive costing – determination of landed costs, product wise profitability etc.
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